Becoming The Best: British Customs Interviews Richard Pollock of Famed Mule Motorcycles

on 08/15/2016 - 02:17 pm

Los Angeles, CA (PRWeb)

Richard Pollock is the godfather of the iconic street tracker motorcycle style and the founder of famed Mule Motorcycles. His custom motorcycles have been on the cover of Cycle World magazine a staggering number of times, and he is recognized as one of the finest custom motorcycle builders in the world.

Recently, British Customs published an interview with him in which he discusses his upbringing, what inspired him to become the one of the best custom builders in the world, and why he favors Triumph motorcycles when creating a custom build. The interview can be found on the British Customs blog.

Pollock singularly runs Mule Motorcycles out of his garage in San Diego, California, where he designs and builds a wide range of modern classic custom motorcycles. He unites his background working in the aerospace industry with the experience he gained from decades of racing flat track at the professional level to design and build every component that goes on his motorcycles. Pollock creates some of the best performance parts available for modern classic motorcycles, and while any of his parts can be used to upgrade a bike, they can transform a motorcycle when all installed together. He is attributed with inventing the style of motorcycle called the street tracker, which is a street-legal rendition of the dirt flat track motorcycles popularly raced in the 50s and 60s.

In the interview, Pollock opens up and recalls being inspired by his father who did everything by hand to start tinkering on everything he could. He also tells the story of how seeing his older sister return home from college on a motorcycle wowed him and inspired him to get his own street bike. From there, he tells us, it became a lifelong journey of growth from tinkering to racing at the professional level to becoming one of the world's best builders.


British Customs is also proud to announce that they have become the sole dealer of Mule Motorcycles' aftermarket parts for Triumph motorcycles. Richard Pollock and Mule Motorcycles have become a part of British Customs' Pro Builder Series where British Customs offers aftermarket motorcycle parts designed by hand-picked custom motorcycle builders. All of his parts are made to bolt on to factory specifications, and can transform a motorcycle in a huge number of ways. Using Mule Motorcycles parts, riders can transform their motorcycles into street trackers, dirt trackers, scramblers, cafe racers, and more.

Together, British Customs and Richard Pollock built the BC X Mule Tracker Classic and the Thruxton GP to show the extent of customization achievable with bolt-on parts. Inspired by the heroes of the dirt oval, the Tracker Classic is a purpose-built flat tracker. Taking the input of legendary street tracker builder Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles, the bike features the Mule 7/8″ Tracker Bars, Mule Tri-Oil Cooler Kit, Mule Swingarm Spacers, and more.

To read British Customs' interview with Richard Pollock, visit their blog. To find out more about what Mule Motorcycles parts are available on the British Customs online store, visit their online store.